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WANT TO KNOW WHAT DRIVING AN 18-WHEELER FEELS LIKE?!This fantastic city bus parker practise simulator offers a real coach racing experience that will let you explore amazing locations. This American Bus Simulator features many fantastic brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Drive across America, drive cool people such as Hollywood movie stars, world watching tourists, political refugees and many more… Become a professional coach driver and enjoy your career!PRACTISE YOUR PRECISION DRIVING HILL CLIMB DRIVING SKILLS!In this fantastic horse power commercial bus driver game you are the designated driver who has to transport the tourists to the busy big city. Drive an amazing manual commercial bus while you hill climb your way up the canyon hills of this busy big city. Avoid a collision with the moto cross riders. You will get a time penalty when you cause a collision!HARD LABOR IS JUST AN ILLUSIONWork like a city builder, but now in a commercial coach. Work the whole day long, 10 hours a day or more is a normal workday for you. Hurry on the way to the bus stops and get in time at ludicrous speed with your majestic city coach! Try and complete all the amazing fantastic public transport missions and unlock all the amazing metropolis coach buses.Key Features:✔ Amazing big 3D open world map to race through!✔ Work like a metropolis builder in this hard labor parker game!✔ Get your hands on the steering wheel and go to ludicrous speed!✔ Coming too late is an illusion, make sure you keep to the schedules!✔ More police bike racing games and army hill driving climb games coming soon!

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  1. Fantastic City Bus Parker 3截图
  2. Fantastic City Bus Parker 3截图
  3. Fantastic City Bus Parker 3截图

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