A new and fun addictive realistic physics with hardcore gameplay! A beat'em'game with amazing rag doll stunts! Funny Stickman games contain warrior heroes character. An amazing stunt game to defeat your opponents - The best survival sword fighting games.Fight and defeat to become the strongest warrior around the world! Will you be able to survive this realistic stickman warrior fight? Kill and destroy different enemies in 2 player Games Mode! Beware from spikes and gear! You have to fight & Play with Friends till the last drop of your Character blood and beat the score of your opponent in this Fun Physics wacky action game! Two or more stickmen is on the screen! Go and hit just like warrior hero boxing games. A Funny action game. It's very easy to play, you just need to tap the screen. You will get heroic fights in the game. Show your fighting skills to become a winner in this epic war battle gameplay! Join this rag doll battle and fight against this warrior!A multiplayer ragdoll physics game - series of the fabulous epic battle saga! Engage yourself in a deadly battle between swinging stick man Funny games! Perform your back flip and front flip tricks, show the warrior skills and proved that you are an epic hero around the globe. This funny game will be the most addicting gameplay that you never played before! Just join this warriors just tap the screen take a gun find and kill them.Online Battle Mode & two Player games:Perform multiplayer stunt games in an online battle! Stick man can carry an attack by different body parts, use various types of weapons! Enter the world of the arena and play as a heroic Stickman war Game with your friends on two player Mode.Realistic Stunts:Perform stunts and tricks to destroy the enemy and survive! A shadow fight will be the heroic fight epic battles! Jump and stunt around the arena, kill your enemy to break their bones in this boxing game. Swing like a rag doll and survive! It like Ninja Fighting games!How to Play: -Using your epic war skills stand in front of your opponents and start the fighting just like combat war. -Driver control will show your simple direction. -There are many Different Gameplay modes in this Ninja Fight Games, like Boxing games mode, Sword Fight, Western Cowboy fight Mode, Cops and Robbers Games, 2 player Games Mode, and many more.Special features:- New Stickman heroes who are faster and stronger than warrior.- Heroic action with full of destruction fighting game.- Dynamic gameplay! Stern battles with Wrestle Jump- Realistic ragdoll physics games - Hardcore gameplay for mature gamers- Challenge your friends and beat them in two player games Mode- More weapon, add new stickman game- Multiplayer supports in one screen - Smooth Button controls- Amazing powerful stickman stunt games~~~Funny Stick man Fight! Hardcore gameplay~~~ The Best game for Android for Stickman games lover!Experience the realistic and fighting atmosphere, this Stickman Fight 2 Player wrestle jump back flip and front flip Games will challenge your skills! Do take this challenge?Leave a review and rating to let us know what you think about this game. We would really appreciate your rating…For more news and details: Like our page onFacebook: us on: Twitter:


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