Mortal Max Engines: Mad Fighting Games介绍

Experience the fury mad road fighting in the mortal fighting games. Become a real fighter with immortal heroes and defeat biggest enemies. Play the new fighting games in the mad city zone full of mortal max engines. If you like free games then play this action fighting game for endless city battles. Begin battle and complete the levels in the mad world. Fight with mortal enemies and win the ultimate fighting championship.Have epic battles with dangerous enemies on the fury mad road. Knock enemies in fighting arena 2018. Defeat your enemy before the time ends. Play the mad fighting games for mortal max engine mad action. Become a street fighter in ultimate action fighting tournaments. Enjoy mad fighting games with mortal heroes and evil enemies. Fight battle in the wasteland filled with destroyed mortal max engines.***Different Game Modes***Arcade Mode: Fight with all the mad world dangerous enemies. You have to fight two rounds with each player to complete the level. Win the fight to unlock new levels. Defeat all the super villains against you and end the game.Versus Mode: Choose your player and then choose the super villain against which you want to super fight. Have epic battle fight with the street fighters and win the big fighting combat arenas. Also, fight the immortal heroes with the real fighters.Participate in the city battle having wasted mortal max engines to give the environment a wasteland view. Become the greatest street fighter in the new fighting games.Join the fight club with the new mortal heroes and defeat the street fighters. Play the cool games and enjoy endless battle with immortal heroes. Do ring fighting with the shadow hero fighters in the single battle.***Mortal Max Engines: Mad Fighting Games***Mad City BattlesImmortal HeroesMax Engine FightingFury Mad RoadsLearn Different Fighting CombosImmortal FightersAddictive GameplayStreet Fighting Game 2018Multiple Levels

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