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Here is the world greatest Karate kick fighter just like battle against Ninja Kung Fu Fighters group in this action , power packed game. In Karate King Fighter : Kung fu Tiger Fighting Game, Ninja Bruce-lee is a martial art champion that is pro fighter in Kung Fu fighting styles art. Earn points for each wining against opponent, fight against powerful champions and level up your Tag Team Karate fighting skills to get high level ranking. Prove your skills becoming the powerful Master Ninja against the Kung Fu street fighters. Your rivals use different fighting styles including Boxing Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, show your top level fighting skills to fight all of opponents fighters with the power of kung fu karate Tiger Claw style. Fight against powerful rivals, Enhance your speed, power and accuracy with new stunts and fighting styles. Ultimate Tag Team Kung Fu Karate fighting Champion is an addictive arcade fighting action power pack game, it is the advanced arcade game to enjoy Karate King Fighter : Kung fu Fighting Game-play, fighting animations, Super 3D effects, Amazing sounds and real fighting styles.Play the hardest of real kick fighting game against world fighting ever. Are you prepare enough to control a giant champions in this kick fighting kung fu match. Control, punch, flip kick,kick, super punch, super kick and fight with all opponents fighters and beat them badly in this real kung Fu fighting games 2018 battle. Karate Fighting Tiger & World Kung Fu King game 3d is now ready for Tag Team Karate professionals. Opponents are ready for fight hard punch and kick. Tag Team Karate lovers enjoy like rocky 3d game super experience. Prizes are for winners of Tag Team Karate champions. Maintain the rank for Karate King Fighter : Kung fu Tiger Fighting game. Fighting in Karate King Fighter : Kung fu Tiger Fighting King game and see how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your Kicks and Punches how to use yourself with thrilling skill to defeat the enemy kicks and punches is also a major and important part of martial arts.Defeat the Samurai fighters & all the fighters opponents and prove your power as a Ninja warrior Kung Fu Fighter.Welcome to yearly wrestling tournament where champions of fights will come around and clash with each other.enjoy being a real Japanese assassin hero. Check contest and survival mode.Many come but only one and only one will emerge victor. Do you think you have the guts to fight countless fearless fighters? Download today the Karate king fighter : Kung fu tiger fighting game now! Fight against 20+ bone crushing fighters from Bangkok, Ice land, America ,Thailand, china,India, japan, and Singapore. Use quick response and special moves, unleash punches and combos, beat all opponents and become the king of Tag Team Karate now.Karate King Fighter: World Kung Fu King Game Features:Select trained karate fighter with kung fu tiger fighting stylesLearn in karate and Kung fu training mode to test your professional fighter skillsWar against toughest fighters to win world Kung fu karate championshipQuick fighting mode & career mode challenges to become karate kingBackground music & sound effects will increase your power in karate ringSelect and modify your own Karate King Fighter ninja in Kung fu Tiger stylesGet promoted by beating king fighter Kung fu tournament legendsKung Fu king Karate King Fighter tournaments with big rewardsUnlimited Level Mode & different Challenges ModeBackground music & amazing sound effects will increase your energy in Tag Team kung fu Karate ring.Lets play one of the best Karate King Fighter : Kung fu Tiger Fighting game and become a real super hero.

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  1. Karate Kung Fu fighter 2018截图
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  3. Karate Kung Fu fighter 2018截图

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