New World Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 : Hell/C介绍

Hey! We are happy to announce our new game in 2018 which is New Smack Down Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018. This game is our unique product which depict the experience and concern of our team towards gaming especially towards WWE Wrestling. Our team focus on each new match and we are here to represent the hell in a cell match.Let’s get ready for the big championship wrestling matches in WWE Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 of Hell in a Cell.

Enjoy real WWE fighting (known as wrestling revolution fight) match in royal revolution fighting games. Fight with all wrestling stars and Beat all tag team, ladder, and cage fighter players to become the best wrestler in wrestling championship matches of 2018. Prove your strength in heavy weight style by throwing all players over the rope to win the fighting. The WWE revolution starts with wrestling matches so experience the free style wrestling fighting games with amazing wrestling moves for all street fighting games lovers. Win ultimate wrestling fighting mania games by take part in revolution wrestling matches. Fight all players using variety of evolution fighting style tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks and take down etc. Become the wrestling legend as best wrestler and show your victory sign as wrestling super star after beating all tag team and ladder match players in the wrestling ring. New Smack Down Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 always been a brutal fighting game and wrestler even die in royal wrestling matches while having an intense fight in fighting ground. Jump into WWE wrestling 2018 as king of wrestler champions for free with wrestling fighting games and start to enjoy your dream fight.Become universal champion of wrestling after beating all tag team champion wrestlers in the world. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd with your real wrestling fight style, improve your fighting skills and be the best wrestler in the world. Participate in the world wrestling championship fighting contest, defeat all your opponents and win the summer slam champion’s belt, world best champions in your way playing New Smack Down Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 great fighting sport game for all heavy weight fighting lovers

Enjoy real wrestling fighting experience like cage revolution 2018. Try different fighting techniques of revolution wrestler and prove to be the best in the rumble fighting. New Smack Down Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 game offers multi fighting experience to fans in this action fighting game. Defeat the opponents with face punch shots & move quickly in the ring like legend boxer and dodge your rival with your quick left, right sudden robust punch attacks. World wrestling champions star delivers adventures challenging role in this addictive wrestling game. Fight using a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws and take downs. Use your skills in the WW2 such as kick up, heavy punches, and use wrestling champion fight techniques in revolution ring fight. Game is especially designed for wrestle mania fighting lovers. Game has two free modes. A wrestling superstar career challenges will drive you to take risky shots in the ring. Upgrade your wrestler to enjoy the professional experience with no limits of time. Knockout mode puts the power, intensity, and excitement of royal wrestling fighting in your device. Win the battle of ultimate fantasy match in universal champion’s competition. Fight using a variety of revolution facing type techniques such as close fighting, joint locks, pins to gain, throws and take downs, use different fighting techniques like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Mix martial arts MMA, Karate, taekwondo and uphold a wrestling superstar position against your wrestling ring opponents

New World Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 : Hell/C截图

  1. New World Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 : Hell/C截图
  2. New World Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 : Hell/C截图
  3. New World Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 : Hell/C截图

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