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GRAND THEFT GANGSTERS- REAL GANGSTER GRAND ROBBERYThe Real gangster in Miami mad city in Grand Gangster theft action is free to play open world 3D game. Free download grand theft action adventure game and play sandbox style free PvP fighting mayhem with many combat players in grand gangsters’ real crime Miami city mafia game. This is one the best crime story of auto theft real action crime lord mafia game to bring back the control of Miami downtown city demolishing the network of mad city mafia agents, mafia crime lords and mad city mobsters. Be the Crime boss of the Miami and wage a war and Crime Action against grand city prisoners’ escape and bank robbery mission in open world adventure. In this real gangster Miami city mad crime jta game you are fighting the last battle against the syndicate of Russian crime lords, Colombian drug mafia and Miami gang bosses. Just download free and enjoy the latest one of the free sandbox style free to play open world games. There are mobsters who got them released with jail break, Police is chasing the prison breakers and grand theft city robbers, crime rampage is already at its peak, grand mob bosses and crime syndicates are active, city cops are on kill strike against the mega city gangsters.You are an undercover underworld criminal, you know the hideouts of the mad gangsters and clumsy crime bosses of Miami city gangs as you are on the grand theft real gangsters of the crime world. You are working as undercover crime agent to unleash the devastating strike on underground mafia in this real gangster new grand theft robbery games.CRIME AT LARGE- GRAND CITY AT RISKThe high security Prison was attacked by the powerful gangsta combats mafia and committed prison break. All the captives were released, none of the imprisoned was left behind the bars, all the mega crime prisoners escaping the jail are renowned mobsters and combat players of the famous underworld crime gangsters’ games. State machinery has failed to reproduce grand gang star and capture all the prison break thieves and robbers, now you are on the crime duty to catch the vice villain terrorist special forces and grand threat auto action crime mafia.GRAND GANGSTAR REAL CRIME ACTION DUTYThe final duty of crime operation is assigned to the mafia hero to curb the crime rampage killing the mad city gangstars in newest action series superhero games. All the Miami city cops are already down under the strike of Colombian drug lords and Russian mafia mobsters. All mafia combat players are alive and waging bloody auto theft war in the formerly peaceful Miami city. These imprisoned agents were active grand theft gangsters and real combatant robbers of world famous mafia groups of Vegas city gangs, Russian crime syndicates, Miami underworld auto theft grand robbers and lethal Texas shooters. World is at risk as the combo fighting action heroes are set free to rule the city of real crime in this mega gangster rampage game in china town. Issue can never be settled unless crime operation goes successful taken under you as an undercover and mafia underworld agent. You as a grand gangster crime action will have to eliminate the vice city thugs and crime lords of mobsters.OPEN WORLD ADVENTURE- FREE TO PLAY ACTION GAMEThis open world FtP game is the grand gangster strike action involving stealth and survival, theft car drive action, quick aim shotgun shooting, combat fighting and gangstar kill operation.FEATURES✓ Melee Fight, Sword action, gun shooting, death punch✓ Car snatch, auto theft vehicle drive, Stealth & Survival✓ Mad city battle against crime city rulers in every corner✓ Grand battle in single strike versus all the grand mob bosses

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  1. Grand Theft Gangstar- Real Gangster grand robbery截图
  2. Grand Theft Gangstar- Real Gangster grand robbery截图
  3. Grand Theft Gangstar- Real Gangster grand robbery截图

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