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Two heavy equipment vehicles that can often be seen working together are dump trucks and heavy loaders. They do make for a perfect team. Heavy loaders transfer the sand/dirt to dump trucks to be carted away.You will often see heavy loaders and dump trucks working together in areas such as sand mine site.In this Dump Truck & Heavy Loader game, you are a professional driver who is working for a sand mine site. Your job is to operate either dump truck or heavy loader to transport sand. Firstly, you’ll drive and operate a heavy loader to shovel the sand and then lift large loads, particularly overhead and into dump truck. Bring in the heavy loader and the sand will be soon loaded, all transferred to waiting dump truck for transportation.And then, dump truck completes the picture. With open top body, the dump truck can be quickly and easily filled with sand. You drive the dump truck and take that load to the destinations, including driving on the open roads. Generally speaking, most of the destinations are construction sites. Dump truck gets its name from the action of dumping, or tipping the body upwards to ‘dump’ out its load. When you reach a construction site, you need to operate the dump truck to dump the sand to the san piles. Finally, you will be given some cash as return on your hard work.In this dump truck and heavy loader game, you’ll have opportunity to drive/operate five different dump trucks and one heavy loader. To work hard and earn more money in the game, then you can unlock and drive different dump trucks.★★DUMP TRUCK & HEAVY LOADER FEATURES★★☀Five different dump trucks;☀One heavy loader;☀Sand transportation;☀Abundant customizations: painting, tyres, upgrades;☀Fantastic 3D graphics;☀Detailed environment;☀Nice city;☀Epic sand mine site;☀Automatic transmission;☀Different camera views;☀Realistic physics and gameplay;☀Easy controls like tilt, buttons or steering wheel;☀Digital Goods: currency packs, remove ads.★NOTE: Dump Truck & Heavy Loader is a free heavy equipment vehicle game and supported by Ad.

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