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Baldy notebookis a simulation game and indie horror in which you can learn many subjects! From mathematics to literature you will learn a lot with the Basics ofBaldy's Basixin the education and teaching of a game of FREE play.The player is a student at Baldi's Schoolhouse, whose goal is to fill seven laptops scattered throughout the campus.Baldy's Basix comic and interesting game-training.Education and training - light, and not education and ignorance - death.The continuation ofBaldi's Basixin Education and learning tells us why Baldis has become so aggressive and intolerant towards his students.Basic Learning in Baldi's School is an interactive game where players will again have to go to school to recall the basics in education, or to get new learning from the best teacher from the baldy's school! Teacher believes that his bald is basic in education, built on the study of mathematics and other complex sciences. All teachers from your school are friendly and responsible people who give gifts to students for excellent learning of basics in math. But if the student does not do the right thing, the teacher from the Vald's school begins... to hunt for him, to conduct education and to give the necessary learning with the help of a dangerous wooden ruler.

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  1. Monster teacher doing basic education and learning截图
  2. Monster teacher doing basic education and learning截图

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