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Find out who really is your new neighbor offers a new exciting game. Here it is necessary to pass many tests, which involve a great danger neighbor. You will try to look into the cellar of the neighbor, zealously guarded by his master, and find out the reason for his behavior. At the same time, you need maximum concentration and instant reaction, because the neighbor does not like guests, especially uninvited ones! For such self-will, he can very much spill and cruelly take revenge.With a large set of good surveillance equipment, you can not leave your home to monitor your neighbor.To be directly on the scene, you need to wade into the house and get the facts.Be vigilant and do not let the neighbor close to him, because he is very aggressive towards others!he answers to the puzzles will open up even more hidden moves!The beginning of the game: you are moving into a new house, where a strange neighbor and his inhospitable house are waiting for you. He did everything to make his home fear and horror: everywhere he placed surveillance cameras, the courtyard was flooded with traps and traps, and the entire building looks pretty neglected neighbors. On what is spending all his time such a strange neighbor? The impetus for revealing its mystery is the incident, when you noticed it coming out of the basement, with something larger, reminiscent of the human body neighbor game. This turn of events could not leave you indifferent, and you rush to conduct your own investigation to dispel or confirm your suspicions. What horrors is hidden in your basement neighbor - now this is your main occupation!️Will the result of the investigation surprise you hello? Definitely, yes! Now you will know how unpredictable people can be around!

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