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Smash Hit Slime Game!Download now Super Slime game for Girls and start to create all kind of Slimes!Remember the Fidget Spinner mania? LOL - Now its Slime time!Pressing and stretching, mixing and prepare all slimes you dream!How to play:This Super cool slime game can teach you basics recipes on how to make slime.Also this slime games for girls is a anti stress and educational kinda game.Just follow the recipes and enjoy making super slime!!Crazy art starts with Elmers glue with the Magic Activator formula.Ingredients like real life! Super Clay, shaving cream, Activator, Contact Lens, Borax, Water, Glue, starch, slime beads sand all!Slime Games Challenges and Slime Recipes:- Glitter Slime Game Maker- Slime Bash- Fluffy Slime Game- Snow Cloud Slime Game- Crunchy Slime Game Maker- Floam Slime Game- Butter Slime Game Maker- Giggly ( Jiggly ) Slime game- Edible Slime Games ( Chocolate, marshmallow, Candy, Ice cream, Unicorm and cake )- Glossy Slime Game- Clear Slime Games- No Glue Slime Game- Iceberg Slime Games- Avalanche Slime Game Maker- Glowing in the Dark Slime Game- Metallic Slime Games- Fish Bowl Slimeatory- Balloon Slime Games Maker- Mystery Wheel Slime- Farm Rancher Slime- Slime squishy Squishie Squish- Cornstarch Slime- Garcia SlimeAnd Super more fun Slimebash!!Features:- ASMR real slime sounds!- Road Map for Slime Wheel- Shop Ingredients- Realistic sounds- Dolls and Doll Girls games Slimes- King Slime levels- Slime kits like Elmers and Nickelodeon SlimesSlime Colors to play:White, pearl, snow, cream, coconut, powder, frost, frozen, tan, sugar cookie, sepia, yellow, gold, bitter, lemon, corn, honey, pineapple, Karina, orange, tangerine, cider, clay, bronze, squash, red, cherry, jam, pink, rose, fucsia , coral, purple, violet, grape, blue, sky, green, lime, brown, gray, black and more.Find the perfect slime decoration Style for your creations, Slime game for kids will show you how to make a super slime bash! Just follow the instructions and bring ideas to life, making all kinds of slimes from rancher to slime with toys.slime for kidsSlime game for you to play! Download now is FREE ! its satisfying!This game is not Realistic Simulation app, its made for slime games for girls to have fun and learn more about slime playing. ( Not real 3d )Start Creating and Make your own slime for free.Play with slime on your mobile device! Stretch it, squish it, knead it and pop it !This slime game can be played from all ages. Girls games from 1 to 10 of age.Toddler, Girls, Boys its for all kids.

Slime making games Slime Maker Simulator截图

  1. Slime making games Slime Maker Simulator截图
  2. Slime making games Slime Maker Simulator截图
  3. Slime making games Slime Maker Simulator截图

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