Adorable angels, do you have a hankering for the perfect wedding ceremony, gorgeous dress and unique ring? Check out Libii's Wedding Salon 2 and it may be right up your alley! There's nothing more romantic than an unforgettable wedding. The stunningly beautiful dress, makeup and jewelries here can bring out the best in the bride. The unprecedented look of the groom is sure to take your breath away. And the couple will make a promise together to hold each other's hands and grow old forever. On top of that, they will usher in their big day with a celebration in the sacred church, the sunshine-filled beach or the snowy fairyland. Wake up, dear, don't just lose yourself in the imagination. Come to experience the real game right now. How to play:Choose a girl and create a stunning bride. Wow~ trust us, the beautiful street can totally impress you with the rose petals and various shops. Hey, there is no doubt that you can't move once you see the amazing jewelry shop. Tapping it, you'll be surprised with its customized ring; besides, it also provides you with the DIY-way to design a unique one. Itch to have a try now? Haha~ wait a minute~ The bride really needs a good rest before her big day, so just slide the screen and enjoy the time in the "Libii SPA". After that, let's strive to shape a glamorous bride ever, giving her a delicate makeup in the "Beauty Salon" and dressing her up in the "Bride's Room". Hmmm~where do the couple want to hold the ceremony? Whatever, just click the airport and send them off to their honeymoon. Oh, dear~ are you willing to challenge the "Daily Task"? If so, go back to the street and tap the icon on the top right to win the awards. Good luck with that, honey! Features:­- The beautiful street gets you immersed in the sweet atmosphere here- Have fun in designing the ring all by yourself- Plentiful costumes and cosmetics bring out a prefect bride- Three romantic scenes present you a memorable ceremony- Enjoy the non-stop happiness from interesting daily tasks. AboutLibii Game:
Gotanyideas?Suggestions?Needtechnicalsupport?Pleasefeelfreetocontactus24/7atWeCare@libii.com Need You Know:This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks. 可爱的天使,你有一个热衷完美的婚礼,华丽的服装和独特的戒指?查看Libii的婚礼沙龙2,这可能是对你的胡同! 没有什么比一个难忘的婚礼更浪漫。令人震惊的漂亮的衣服,化妆和珠宝在这里可以带出最好的新娘。新郎的前所未有的样子肯定会夺走你的呼吸。这对夫妻将作出承诺,共同握住对方的手与子偕老,直到永远。最重要的是,他们将在自己的大日子迎来了庆祝活动在神圣的教堂,阳光充满海滩或下雪的仙境。 醒醒吧,亲爱的,不只是失去自己的想象力。来吧,现在体验到真正的游戏。 怎么玩:选择一个女孩,并创建一个惊人的新娘。哇〜信任我们,美丽的街道完全可以打动你的玫瑰花瓣和各种商店。嘿,这是毫无疑问,一旦你看到了惊人的珠宝店,你不能移动。点击它,你会惊讶它的定制环;此外,还为您提供了DIY-的方式来设计出独特的。痒一试呢?哈哈〜等一下〜新娘确实需要她的大日子前休息好,所以只是滑动屏幕,享受一次在“Libii SPA”。在此之后,让我们努力塑造一个美艳新娘以往任何时候都梳着精致的妆容,在“美容美发”和她打扮的“新娘的房间”。嗯〜哪里夫妻要举行仪式?不管结果如何,只要按一下机场并把他们关到他们的蜜月。哦,亲爱的〜你愿意挑战“每日任务”?如果是这样,回到街上,然后点击右上角赢得大奖的图标。祝你好运,亲爱的! 产品特点:- 美丽的街道被您在甜蜜的气氛沉浸在这里- 有乐趣在自己的所有设计环- 博服饰和化妆品带出了一个知府新娘- 三个浪漫的场景为您呈现一个难忘的仪式- 享受从有趣的日常任务不停的幸福。 关于Libii游戏:拥有超过200万次的下载和成长,Libii致力于打造为女孩的创新游戏。我们将继续努力建立与家长和他们的孩子一个良好的关系,并带来一个健康,快乐的气氛他们。请访问我们:http://www.libii.com/Like我们:http://www.facebook.com/LibiiGameContact我们:有什么想法?建议?需要技术支持?请随时与我们联系24/7在WeCare@libii.com 你需要知道:这个程序是完全免费的下载和播放,一些基本的项目也可以免费使用,但一些额外的项目需要你购买和支付进行解锁。因此,如果您不想使用这些项目,请关闭应用程序内购买你的设置。谢谢。


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