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Yup, this is THAT pimple popper game! We thought a sequel to our original worldwide hit deserves a MEGA sequel, and that is exactly what we did with MEGA Pimple Popper! Twelve new juicy pimple types to squeeze; levels that randomize when you replay them; your fingers will delight in popping all of them pimples! #MegaPimplePopperPIMPLEPEDIA and some pro tips:- Regular Blackhead. First scratch off the tip with your finger; then squeeze around to reveal the kernel. You can also swipe off the kernel when it's out. Delish!- Regular Whitehead. Squeeze around the center till all the pus is out. Juicy!- Nutty Center. Keep squeezing until you get the surprise kernel out. Crunchy!- Conjoined Twin. Start with the smaller pimple first and when that is done, then work on the bigger sized pimple next to it. Twinning!- Squeezy Cheesy. This is one of our favorites! Squeeze until you get all the oodles and cheesy goodness out. If you like ASMR videos, this one takes the cake!- Blackhead Cluster. What's better than one blackhead? A cluster of them! No need to scratch; just squeeze the small ones first and then work on the bigger blackheads. It's a party!- Scab. Scratch it off in the same direction.- MEGA Iceberg. First scratch off the tip; then squeeze until you get that sucker out!- MEGA Whitehead. You want to keep squeezing until the bar reaches the green portion, and keep it in that range until the pus comes out. Smooth, easy strokes are good!- MEGA Blackhead Cluster. Well, it's a blackhead cluster, but so so many more of them! LOL- MEGA Tar Toothpaste. Oh, this one is a doozy! First squeeze to get the tip loose, then use your finger to pull downwards until the length is out. Keep repeating until you're done! 4 out of 5 dentists will scream when they see this pimple!- MEGA Crater. Clear the reddish outline of the opening by swiping outwards with your fingers. After that, squeeze to loosen the mega kernel and push upwards with your finger a few times until it's completely dislodged.More pro tips!* Can't find a pimple? Rotate around the face with the left/right buttons and zoom in to find that last pimple. Don't forget to check around the neck area!* You can swipe the hair sections away from the face! There are usually some good ones hidden underneath.* Um, last we checked, moles are not pimples. If you see one, just go about your day. :)If you're still reading this, you should stop right now and start playing the game already! Happy popping!* Pimple Popper is a registered trademark of Room Candy Games.

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