Flip Sequin Surprise Egg! Talking Unicorn Plush介绍

Love collectible surprises? Well its not as easy as you think! So gear up to find the secret codes & solve mysteries to open your talking unicorn virtual toy who is really fun to play with. You need to find the secret code without eye spy this time and well the hint is: there is something hidden in the Sequin SURPRISE!!! Well find the secret code to the blind bag surprise egg and enter to get different parts of a secret plushy squishy and soft as pillow like plushy unicorn. You need to unlock different bling bag surprise eggs to reveal different parts of the unicorn. Assemble those parts to energize it with the SEQUIN HEART and bring to life your virtual pet giant unicorn plush who is really fun to play with.He is your squishy toy who will dance and sing for you, and you can always play with the sequin on his chest for a relaxing & oddly satisfying sequin ASMR experience. Cuddle him, pet him and play with your favorite plush unicorn. He ll repeat what you say in a cute funny voice. He will dance for you. He will be your antistress relaxation squishy toy. He is so much for you.Do you love solving mystery codes and riddles? Do you love surprise eggs and toy surprises hidden inside something? Love unboxing toys & playing with sequins and plush toys? Can you unbox your squishy sequin surprise unicorn virtual pet from the surprise egg ? Well this time it is not easy to see your pet without solving these secret mystery codes. So try this amazing surprise sequin egg game and see your dream coming true as it has all the things that you have been looking for from surprise eggs to sequin ASMR experience, solving secret mystery codes, reveling hidden objects and unboxing virtual pet that will always entertain you as you switch on your favorite sequin surprise giant plushes app.

Flip Sequin Surprise Egg! Talking Unicorn Plush截图

  1. Flip Sequin Surprise Egg! Talking Unicorn Plush截图
  2. Flip Sequin Surprise Egg! Talking Unicorn Plush截图

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