Fire boy and Water girl Maze Puzzel介绍

Fireboy and Watergirl is a puzzel game you have to use both hand to solve.Help Lavaboy and Icegirlfind the exit through the maze. Lavaboy must avoid the water and Icegirl must avoid the hot lava.Hints:Watergirl and Fireboy continuously find themselves in mysterious temples, each time trying to get out of them. To escape they must solve puzzles and collaborate with each other. You can either play alone and move each character at a time or try to move them together at the same time. But it is much more fun to play the game along with a friend or a sibling, so that each is playing as a different character. Some people confuse and think that the game is called a waterboy and firegirl or a child of water and child of the fire).In each temple the boy and girl must run and jump between fire and water, you should know that Fireboy is immune to fire, so he can step freely in pools of boiling lava, but he must be careful from stepping into water. Watergirl is resistant to pools of water, but gets hurt when stepping in the lava. Both charachters should beware of any other puddle on the way (green or black). At each screen the goal is to get to the doors which will lead you to the next room in the temple. The Fireboy should come to the door marked in red and the Watergirl should find her way to the door marked with a blue sign. On their way, both characters should collect diamonds that have the same color as themselves. In stages marked with a diamond, both girl and boy should collect the green diamond. The faster you get to the doors of each screen the higher score and ranking you will get.

Fire boy and Water girl Maze Puzzel截图

  1. Fire boy and Water girl Maze Puzzel截图
  2. Fire boy and Water girl Maze Puzzel截图
  3. Fire boy and Water girl Maze Puzzel截图

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