Pretend My Hotel: Luxury Resort Vacation Games介绍

Pretend my hotel is an imaginative open ended role play game where you can pretend play in virtual luxury hotel and can arrange and manage all the hotel rooms stuff. Get ready to enjoy your summer break in five star hotel with rooftop pool, clothing store, boutique, gift shop and penthouse. Do you like to play pretend games likes pretend play hospital, airport, dollhouse and city playground? Well here in pretend my hotel you will get all rooms in playhouse to do creative and learning activities. In game play you will get a luxurious hotel in the town of New York City and a virtual family.Pretend my hotel contains the detailed game play of several house areas including garden, lobby, reception, hotel rooms, dining room, rooftop pool and playroom. Perform multiple pretend games activities and task in all rooms with creative learning experience. First take the family character to the hotel on a pretend tour bus. Reach the hotel and check in at the reception and play with fish tank, radio and carry luggage. Then use lift to reach different hotel floors for doing different fun activities.Reach playroom where you can pretend play claw machine games. Enter coin in the claw machine game and catch playing balls. Enjoy dart game and learn to use vending machine. Get drinks and snacks from vending machine. Then use elevator to reach pool area and enjoy pretend my pool party and pool swimming race.TV Lounge, Bedroom, Bathroom & KitchenPretend play in several bedrooms in the guest house! Arrange the Kitchen stuff, put the cake in the oven, unbag the groceries, and Feel the real virtual kitchen. Design and decorate the bedroom by replacing sheets, curtains and closets. Organize the dresses and shoes in the clothes closet. Fix the room’s situation with best housekeeping and hotel room service skills. Cleanup and wash the TV lounge room design like dream house. Enter the bathroom for cleaning and washing sink and bath tub. Flush the toilet and design and decor the bathroom.Now play this creative and learning game to be the part of Funtoosh Studio family.

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