Skin Stealer for Minecraft lets you steal skins using vaild Minecraft username and apply it to Minecraft PC, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) or BlockLauncher (a custom launcher for Minecraft PE). Features• Press RANDOM button to steal random famous skins• Save skin as an profile picture using Skin Avatar for Minecraft Have a good idea or suggestion? Email to us at saranomy[at]gmail.com (English please) Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB but we adhere to the terms set out by Mojang AB athttps://www.minecraft.net/terms For Korean users; please understand that all skins are public. Anyone can access it with a link provided by Mojang. 皮肤偷窃者为的Minecraft可以让你使用vaild的Minecraft用户名偷皮并将其应用到PC的Minecraft,的Minecraft PE(袖珍版)或BlockLauncher(自定义启动程序的Minecraft PE)。 特征•按RANDOM按钮偷随机著名皮肤•保存皮肤作为资料图片使用皮肤阿凡达的的Minecraft 有一个好的想法或建议?电子邮件给我们saranomy [在] gmail.com(请英文) 的Minecraft是Mojang AB的商标。我们不隶属于Mojang AB,但我们坚持建立由Mojang AB的条款https://www.minecraft.net/terms 对于韩国的用户;请大家明白,所有的皮肤都是公开的。任何人都可以由Mojang提供的链接进行访问。


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  3. Minecraft皮肤偷取器截图

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