nds4droid is a free Nintendo DS emulator. It is still in it's infancy but supports many features you'd expect like save states and sound. It also supports the OUYA game console. The nds4droid FAQ can be found here: http://jeffq.com/blog/nds4droid-faq/ Unlike other DS emulators nds4droid does not not violate the GPL, and it's completely open source. Unfortunately, Nintendo DS emulation is still somewhat slow, even on higher end phones, but we'll continue to make improvements :). If you're having trouble with performance, try different "frame skip" options. Project website: http://nds4droid.com nds4droid是一个免费的任天堂DS模拟器。在它的起步阶段,但它仍然是支持许多功能,你所期望的保存状态和声音等。它还支持的欧雅游戏机。 nds4droid常见问题可以在这里找到:http://jeffq.com/blog/nds4droid-faq/ 不像其他的DS模拟器nds4droid不是不违反GPL,它是完全开源的。 不幸的是,任天堂DS仿真还是有点慢,甚至更高的高端手机,但我们会继续作出改善:)。如果你遇到麻烦与性能,尝试不同的“帧跳过”选项。 项目网站:http://nds4droid.com


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