Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018介绍

It’s time to bombard and burn with the Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018. Drive through enemy terrains, kill gunships, destroy buildings and eliminate elite enemy units. The enemy forces have invaded with their special assaulting commando squads and deadliest military choppers. Engage in the intense disastrous shooting battle.A deadly air attack is approaching you and the Enemy has launched a vicious attack on the frontline military base of the super alliance. It’s time to brace yourself and get ready for most brutal air fight with ferocious opponent gunships. Dangerous air attack is approaching you.The super military commandos are airborne in a gunship military aircraft; it is your mission to defend the Land on battle field. In this action packed battle you will have to shoot down all the war copters. Are you ready for the dangerous Aerial Warfare?Bomber Jets are attacking the army concentrations and strategic targets; Enemy is racing towards you to blast your gunship battle helicopter; fighter gunship helicopters are battling for control over airspace; attacking aircraft are engaging in close air support against ground targets; the copters are flying against the buildings and nearby land targets; gliders, helicopters and super boss tankers are assaulting your land. You need to take charge to protect your base and rescue the civilian lands. Gunner troop missiles are fired to hit you! Ride in your Sky Copter and hit targets to finish this reign of terror. It is your ultimate duty to save your homeland! Fight for Honor, Dignity and Victory!!Game Features:- Realistic combat flight simulator- Easy touch controls- Excellent 3D graphics- Exciting gameplay- Excellent sound effects- Realistic guns and explosions- Multiple camera views - cockpit, behind and many more

Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018截图

  1. Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018截图
  2. Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018截图
  3. Air Combat Gunship Simulator 2018截图

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