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Shadow Ninja - Superhero Ninja Warrior Battle CityNinja hero warrior is simple yet addicting game play, giving you thrilling moments and an unexpected experience. In this Shadow Ninja - Superhero Ninja Warrior Battle City mission, you play as warrior, a former legendary superhero ninja who battle his way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped son from the hand of the devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic and deadly weapons, warrior is ready to face menacing traps and enemies who have sworn to protect Orochi.Can you survive as shadow ninja superhero warrior hero in kingdom battle super hero mission 3D? If yes then join this battle of kingdom to save the queen and the king from bad superhero ninja archery villain in this action and fun packed mission 2018. You as a city rescue war superhero ninja is on a secret mission to save the princess & king of castle in Superhero kungfu saga mission 2018 & to rescue innocent world from ninja villains of city crime battle. Be the real survival battle superhero samurai ninja archery warrior 2018. You are fully train samurai superhero ninja martial arts & you know how to battle with your enemies master of kung fu sword.Use iron blade medieval and gold swords, axes, hammers or bone bow to clear your way. .Download the most exhilarating samurai rising & electrifying mission of the superhero ninja kung fu battle champion shadow battle season 2018.Be the super ninja hero in this samurai superhero ninja survival war mission 2018 by fighting with your superhero ninja warrior super fighter kungfu skills and save your princess & freedom of the king. Prove yourself as a real superhero ninja warrior by showing the tower superhero ninja warrior and survival skills in this superhero ninja hero saga mission 2018. You are the lord of battle war 3D, use your samurai sword battle like brave superhero ninja archery soldier with enemies in this sword superhero ninja battle mission.Mortal warriors will try to crush you with their strong tiger armor and hammer. Every enemy has different abilities. You will have to chop, kick, punch, slash through them like a hero or just climb away to disappear. Don't get hit if you know how to move in shadow battle. Be man and stand against traitor and his army who murdered your king. Use iron and gold swords, axes, hammers or bone bow to clear your way. You can buy them in the shop for gold you can find behind secret enters. With super equipment your hero can reach almost immortality. Sneak and wait for good opportunity to hit in right moment.Your hero has through learning of kung fu, martial arts, fighting skills, climbing, spring superhero ninja, medieval art from your evil sensei.Be the super ninja hero saga and take epic revenge from deadly castle enemies who are trying to escape the castle by using your shuriken, samurai rising sword and superhero martial arts fighting skills. Sharpen your shuriken and throw towards rivals with your perfect shadow ninja archery targeting skills. Equip yourself with your bow and arrows and do not show mercy to caption guards or armed soldiers.Take aim with your bow & throw arrow to kill your enemies from long range.Shadow Ninja - Superhero Ninja Warrior Battle City Mission Feature:1- Play Super Arrow Shooting action mission for free.2- 3D Natural Castle Environment3- Realistic Physics of archery4- Real-time 3D superhero ninja archery animations & samurai wars5- Simple but Beautiful Graphical User InterfaceIn this superhero ninja archery war fighting mission you need to collect some cell keys to unlock the cage of princess. Only the superheroes will won this epic throne battle mission so prepare as a superhero ninja warriors for this superhero ninja assassin war mission. Collect treasure like bow, arrows, swords & prison keys on your way of war fighting 2018 & escape the shadow castle.

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