Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer介绍

Welcome come to "Ghost Sniper Shooter" -- the most popular shoot game in 2018.You will play a special ops soldier, and fight against dangerous military FPS attacks and silent assassin missions.FIGHT AGAINST Dangerous Military· More than 9 chapters exciting non-repetitive tasks· Exciting storyline· Shocking 3D graphics that will bring you to the tropical jungle, sea islands, military base and many other scenes· Morning fog, sunshine, twilight, night and other weather system· Various kinds of soldiers, patrol soldier, sniper, medical man, dogrobber,and so on.MODERN FIREPOWER WEAPON· Shoot sniper rifle, assault rifles, and shotgun· Collect weapon parts to create the ultimate weapon· Exclusive gunfire sound, different shooting experienceA VARIETY OF EVENTS· Strategy and marksmanship are both required by "Ghost Sniper Shooter"· Guard against the Black Mission· Earn money in all kinds of events

Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer截图

  1. Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer截图
  2. Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer截图
  3. Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer截图

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