Grand Mafia Crime San Andreas介绍

The streets of San Andreas are filled with crime and gangs are ruling the city armed with weapons.You are assigned missions to fight these gangsters on the San Andreas City streets.Survive the vendetta wars and kill all the street Mafia gangs from slammer before you get wasted.Become the ultimate chief of the San Andreas streets by getting in action with all the criminals making the city streets hell for people. Get your hands dirty by beating all the gangsters and their bosses. Follow orders from your boss and complete the missions assigned to you to become the top city fighter in this crime simulator game.Beware of the crooked policemen which are paid by the Miami gang warriors. Escape police cars before you get busted by these police men. Its a clash between you and the whole city. Buy weapons like pistol, baseball bat, shotgun and assault riffle with unlimited ammunition. Aim the enemy shooters roaming in the city and shoot to kill your rivals. Kill gang members, police and civilians, steal cars from the road and complete the special missions to earn the cash. Buy loads of new guns and riffles with the cash earned. Be the criminal kingpin and roam the city streets of this crime simulator.Survive the crime war action and become the ultimate city fighting legend. Grand Mafia Crime is a crime based mission game and the ultimate goal is to become the great american city fighter. Eliminate the native gangsters and take the hold of San Andreas city streets. Become most wanted by killing the cops, criminals and pedestrians. Become the real top old school american gangster. Get the most epic crime simulator and city fighting game now. Have Fun!

Grand Mafia Crime San Andreas截图

  1. Grand Mafia Crime San Andreas截图
  2. Grand Mafia Crime San Andreas截图
  3. Grand Mafia Crime San Andreas截图

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