F18 战斗机空袭介绍

Rule on sky excelling in airstrike art of combat. Outrage of war is still in the air, afflicting sea, land and air mount. Fight for the glory!Leading as an elite pilot of F18 air fighter attack wing, take off towards the sea ranges to give cover to country naval force resisting against an assault terrorist attack. Take control of realistic modern air fighter simulator and start modern air striking session to eliminate all the attackers with arsenal of weapons. Use your wits and guts to defend and counter attack on ship carrier and terrorist combat aircraft battle coming to destroy your naval base bomber fighter attack. MissionCombat with fighter attack naval warship combat enemies, planes and drones as well your brutal enemies. Not enough? Artificial weather generator will make it hard for you to retain in the air for too long. Only an expert jet fighter pilot will make it till the end to eliminate the enemy from root.Take on 5 full of excitement F18 Air simulation and action packed mi

F18 战斗机空袭截图

  1. F18 战斗机空袭截图
  2. F18 战斗机空袭截图
  3. F18 战斗机空袭截图

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