Super Jackal Jeep 2介绍

This is a offline car jackal jeep game. Your mission is control a jackal and attack enemy base to rescue your team.You have free 4 times to play for each times. If your times is left 0 then the game ends. You can watch to play continueYour weapons include grenades and rocket. Do not worry about the bullets because it's a lot. In this battle, you are alone and all are the enemy. Destroy all bunkers and enemy bases.The enemy forces are very very strong, be careful. They include tanks, planes, bunkers, soldiers, bombs, mines, etc.On the way collect the rocket in the houses, it will help you become stronger and shoot further. You have to be smart to stay away from the bullets. Now join the battle, good luck

Super Jackal Jeep 2截图

  1. Super Jackal Jeep 2截图
  2. Super Jackal Jeep 2截图
  3. Super Jackal Jeep 2截图

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