X Robot Spinner : Zombie介绍

Spinners are spinning, cool games are fumbling! This is the motto of the developers of Omsk Games, so in these guys you can not doubt! In this game you will find a breathtaking gameplay, and also: - Everyone loved the task of killing at the expense, in new ways! - Lethal spinners (spin the guts on them as hard as possible)! - Three kinds of transformation! - Transform into a winged car and bet in the air above the houses of the city on an open map! - Try yourself as a mad and ruthless racer in the sport of punishment! - Or twist the enemies on your spinner in the form of a powerful transformer with an original set of weapons! So I would advise you to roll up your sleeves as soon as possible and start hurrying along with me tirelessly!

X Robot Spinner : Zombie截图

  1. X Robot Spinner : Zombie截图
  2. X Robot Spinner : Zombie截图
  3. X Robot Spinner : Zombie截图

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