Arena of Valor Quiz介绍

This quiz aims to entertain you. Easy questions up to difficult questions will be aired on AOV QUIZTRY 3 KINDS OF MODECLASSICAnswer the questions and collect the key as much as possible in order to try other modes.RANKEDCollect 10 keys to enter this mode.Concentrate on playing in this mode as questions get harder and faster. Your skills and knowledge are tested in this mode.Guess the question correctly to get a score on every correct guess. Collect scores as much as possible to become the best player among other players. Remember your chance in this mode is only 3 so use it as well as possible.SURVIVALCollect 10 keys to try this mode.In this survival mode make your new squash and gather as much as possible to become the best player amongst other players

Arena of Valor Quiz截图

  1. Arena of Valor Quiz截图
  2. Arena of Valor Quiz截图
  3. Arena of Valor Quiz截图

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