West Dead Redemption Gunfighter- Cowboy Fighter 2介绍

WILD WEST RED DEAD GUNFIGHTER REDEMPTION 2:Be the cowboy legend wild horse rider hunter in the western life and Wild West culture gunfighter games. You’re the last cowboy hunter vaquero against the group of wild bounty hunter bandits and gold hunter outlaws in the snowy mountainous Wild West town to face the deadly winter shooting mafia in this legend cowboys game. Wild West Dead redemption 2 game is best of the western cowboy gunfighter and cowgirl gunslinger games which depicts the wild culture west hunters and cow herders in the complete open world sandboxed style game play in horse riding games. Be the courageous cowboy fighter and west mafia hunter to get the revenge of sheriff’s wife abduction in this west redemption gunfighter mafia cowboy games.Cowboy Gun Fighter Redemption Duty:You are back from the westward tour and told that some outlawed robbers and miscreants bandits has invaded the old west town of american frontier in horse runner games. You were called on to Sheriff of the town and assigned the crime duty to get the captive girl released from the possession of Wild West land criminals’ mafia. You run through the snowy mountains in the snow falling winter season to stealth attack the crime mongers and lawless vaqueros with your cowboy gun and colt revolver in the best gunfighter cowboy games. You have to show quick vaquero red dead duty skills while indulged in the mafia redemption quest in this Westland cowboy fighter and beautiful redemption cowgirl gun shooter horse rider games. This Wild West infamous mafia will surely be among top 10 open world games in the crime world of gunslingers and bounty hunters.WILD WEST GUN SLINGERS LIFE AND COWBOY CULTURE:Enjoy the wild life as a bounty hunter and gold digger in the winter of snowy mountains. Become the best western world hunter and western gunfighter showing your mastery with Pistols/Colt Revolver and modern shotguns in this horse rider cowboys game. Go for animal hunting, kill and hunt lion, shoot the attacking rhino, go for deer hunting mission as wild life adventure shooter and shot dead zebras for food and survival. Herd the cows and buffaloes, serve them in the cattle sheds and cattle ranches and have fresh breathe in wild vast lands.HOW TO PLAY:• Map on the left top corner carries utmost importance; it guides you to the missions.• White Arrow head spots your position and Red dots are target locations.• First of all go to Stud to find the horse of your choice.• Meet Sheriff to get the mission assigned on mission assignment site.• Read the Mission statement carefully.• Find the Weapon Store on the map and buy the Weapon for the mission.• The map will lead you to the mission location, show your skills and complete it.SOME OF THE MISSIONS:• There are plenty of secret missions which will be disclosed one by one after the completion of each.• Some of them are;• Rescue the Sheriff’s Wife captivated by the outlawed bandits and west crime agents.• Animal Shooting and Hunting• Survive the Attacks of Beast like Lions, Boar, and Wolf and shoot the Zebras and hunt the deer.• Stealth Mission Kill all the enemies with Knife and Pistol/ Colt Revolver to evacuate the town.• Frontline Attack: Kill the pair of wild cowboy fighters on each front and advance to next trench and defense wall.• Gun shooting against the wild land killers and west gun fighters from all the surrounding towns saving all the west cowgirls and citizens.• Get on the Horse Chariot and get married with Sheriff’s Daughter; bring her to your house on the horse cart buggy.FEATURES:Best Wild West hunting redemption game simulation in the red dead western town.Smooth Controls, Immersive Graphics and console like experience.Winter shooting in Wild West snow mountain wildland town.Cowboy and cowgirls’ infights and cowboy culture depicting Wild West life.

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  3. West Dead Redemption Gunfighter- Cowboy Fighter 2截图

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