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The world of“Human: Fall Flat online game”features advanced physics and innovative controls that cater for a wide range of challenges.Bob’s dreams of falling are riddled with puzzles to solve and distractions to experiment with for hilarious results.The worlds may be fantastical, but the laws of physics are very real.Will you try to open that mysterious door, or would you rather see how far youcan throw a speaker set out that window ?• 8 beautiful dreams capes to explore with many puzzles to solve.• Unlimited replay value created by you thinking outside the box.• Direct and complete control of the character. Nothing is scripted and no limits imposed.• Fully interactive environments, grab anything, climb anything, carry anything.FEATURES:• Walk through Videos• Read character bios• Guide on every level• Cheats and tricks in level• How to get through Challenge Modes• Manual Game Guide• Trailer Videos• And many moreDownload This Game for the Human:Fall Flat app now!

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