Pixelmon go craft story build介绍

Play the new game on the android in 2019, in which you will plunge into a new world after the apocalypse, which is built from cubes and pixel pixelmons but not zombie :)This game is suitable for all teenagers boys or girls, who love to craft and want to become masters of the craft and construction!Explore the large open world - a sandbox to find a new pocket pixelmon and catch them in the pixel ball that you can throw at them! Mystical creatures roam the planet in search of thecoach! You pixelmons coach and you needs to fight with other players on the battle arena. Imagine magical battle between beast and your other to see who among you stronger and more powerful whosefriend!The game is developed by crafting system: you can make a various pixel blocks, but no swords, axes and picks, because its wonderfull world! Kraft all that fancy enough!Gather your team pikselmons to go in search of forgotten treasures in abandoned mines! Find there is a lot of loot, crafting and then to build a new building!Make Pocket shelter home for yourself and your friend pixelmon ! Organize it with the blocks!Find a lot of diamonds, gold and silver blocks in the world, to make it more expensive things and to survive in this harsh world!Soon in the game Multicraft Go pixelmon edition- New textures and mod game- Story Mode , where you can learn the history of this planet- Survival mode , hunger- the change of night and day- New pixelmons and their evolution- New blocks and skins players- Multiplayer mode- Pixelmons battle- New craft elementsRather, download and play the new simulator survival and construction craft GO build pixel

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  1. Pixelmon go craft story build截图
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  3. Pixelmon go craft story build截图

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