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This software RMVB AVI MP4 Media Player allows you to enjoy your movies to the full extent. Come on to download it to your phone. This is a new version media player. And it has increase some function for the better use. We change a new interface.Cute and fresh. At the left corner,there is a folder icon.Click it and you can collapse and expand all the files. There is a video browser icon with a musical note.Tap it and you will go to sd card directly.Open the folders which store the video files to play. While playing,you can do some operations. 1.Move back or forth by clicking the process line. 2.Take screenshots to save to your sd card for future use. 3.Set screen mode:Crop,stretch,fit screen and 100%%%%. 4.Pinch to zoom-easily to zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen. 5.Adjust the brightness and volume by sliding the screen This app is really worth your downloading. I firmly believe this app will not disappoint you. Please rank the application if you like. Screenshots can be used for demonstrating a program, a particular problem a user might be having, or generally when display output needs to be shown to others or archived. For example, after being emailed a screenshot, a Web page author might be surprised to see how his page looks on a different Web browser and can take corrective action. NB: Notification ads or icon ads are included for better service and keeping all these great apps free. Please contact us in case of bugs. 这软件RMVB AVI MP4媒体播放器的,可以让你享受你的电影的最大范围内。 下载到您的手机。 这是一个新版本的媒体播放器。 它增加了一些功能,更好地利用。 我们换一个新的interface.Cute和新鲜。 在左边的角落里,有一个文件夹icon.Click它,你可以折叠和展开的所有文件。 有视频与的音乐note.Tap它的浏览器图标,你会去到SD卡,directly.Open的文件夹中存储的视频文件的播放。 播放音乐时,你可以做一些操作。 1.Move或通过点击的工艺路线来回。 2.Take截图保存到你的SD卡,以备将来使用。 正确设置屏幕模式:裁剪,拉伸,适合屏幕和100%。 4.Pinch变焦,轻松地放大和缩小在屏幕上按捏和刷卡。 5。调整亮度和音量滑动屏幕 这个应用程序是非常值得您的下载。 我坚信这个程序不会让你失望。 请排列的,如果你喜欢的应用程序。 截图可以用于显示一个程序,一个特别的问题,用户可能有,或一般地显示输出时,需要显示给他人或归档。例如,通过电子邮件发送的截图,Web页的作者可能会惊讶地看到他的网页上看起来不同的Web浏览器,并可以采取纠正措施。 注意: 通知广告或图标广告提供更好的服务,并保持所有这些伟大的应用程序的自由。 请联系我们的错误的情况下。

RMVB AVI MP4 Media Player截图

  1. RMVB AVI MP4 Media Player截图
  2. RMVB AVI MP4 Media Player截图
  3. RMVB AVI MP4 Media Player截图

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