Your favorite champions and themes of League of Legends have arrived! Enjoy a huge variety (over 100) themes from the popular MOBA in high quality and fully animated! The animations are extracted from the original game client or made by fans of the game. This application allows you to download and set them as your live wallpapers. The application is constantly being updated in order to provide new wallpapers. Although compatible, this app wasn't designed to be used on Tablets. Due to it's high resolution the wallpapers might appear in a low quality manner. We recommend to use this app on a mobile phone. *Important: It is recommendable having a mid/high-end device for use this live wallpapers. There are low quality versions of each wallpaper for low-specs devices. This app is not officially endorsed by the company of the game. More details are available on the licenses inside the app. 你最喜欢的冠军和英雄联盟主题已经来临! 享用大量(超过100),从流行的MOBA主题的高品质和全动画! 动画中提取,从原来的游戏客户端,或通过本场比赛的球迷进行。该应用程序允许您下载并设置他们作为你的动态壁纸。 应用程序不断地以提供新的壁纸更新。 虽然兼容,这个程序并没有被设计要在片中使用。由于它的高分辨率壁纸可能出现在一个低质量的方式。我们建议使用手机这个程序。 *注意:这是值得推荐的有使用这个动态壁纸中/高端设备。有每个壁纸的低规格设备的低质量的版本。 这个程序是没有正式的游戏公司的认可。更多详细信息可在应用程序内部的许可证。


  1. LOL动态壁纸截图
  2. LOL动态壁纸截图
  3. LOL动态壁纸截图

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