The Kids A-Z mobile app delivers interactive learning content for Raz-Kids and Science A-Z anytime, anywhere. Kids can choose from a library of eBooks, eQuizzes, and other eResources to access on their own, or complete assignments scheduled by their teacher or parent. With the Kids A-Z app, personalized learning goes wherever the student does! Students using the Kids A-Z app can: - Access hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources - Complete corresponding quizzes that ensure comprehension- Utilize interactive annotation tools that support close reading skills- Have their work scored and reported to their teacher automatically If your student has access to either Raz-Kids or Science A-Z, the Kids A-Z mobile app is a must. Download the free app today! 孩子A-Z移动应用程序能够为拉兹 - 孩子和科学A-Z随时随地互动学习的内容,任何地方。孩子们可以从电子书,eQuizzes和其他eResources库选择进入自己,或由其老师或家长安排完成作业。与孩子们的A-Z的应用程序,个性化学习的地方去学生呢! 使用可在儿童A-Z应用的学生: - 访问数百发展适当的eResources的- 完成相应的测验,以确保理解- 利用支持近距离阅读技能的交互式注释工具- 有自己的工作,并打进自动报告给他们的老师 如果你的学生可以访问任何拉兹 - 孩子或学A-Z,孩子A-Z移动应用程序是必须的。立即下载免费的应用程序!


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